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Open Knockout: 2007 to 2013

Back in 2006 our Honorary Life President at the time, the late, great Jack Dodds came up with an idea to promote Bagatelle by holding an annual 'Open Knockout' competition.    Basically, this was to be a competition which would be held in every venue in town which had a bagatelle table, the idea being to stimulate interest in the game, and Jack very kindly offered to put up prize money for each venue, and also for the final stages.
2012 - Paul McLaughlin and John Roberts
The competition started in 2007 and ran for 7 years.   In that time, hundreds of people
entered, many playing bagatelle for the very first time which was exactly Jack's intention.   Sadly, Jack passed away in 2011, but he made enough funds available to enable the Committee to continue holding the competition with prize money for a further two years.

The competition was free to enter, and the format was that each entrant had two sticks with the top four scorers going through to a semi-final stage where normal 'singles rules' applied.  The winner and runner-up from each venue then went forward to the next stage where a similar format reduced the number of players down to eight.   A Grand Final night was then held, with the eight players each having two sticks and the top four going forward to contest the semi-finals and final.

2009 - Nigel Walker with Dave CooperOne of the highlights of the seven years was the 2009 Final at the Talbot.  In the early stages Mike Turner scored a 53 and 'filled them up' on his way to the semi-finals, a rare feat in a competition.    However, the night is possibly best remembered for the final between Dave Cooper and Nigel Walker.   Nigel won the toss and chose to go first, scoring a brilliant 43+47=90.  Dave Cooper then did even better, scoring 52+39=91.   Those present thought it was the best final anyone could ever remember, with both players getting a remarkable 90+.

Below is a list of all the winners and runners-up of those Grand Finals, and also links to match reports, including that 2009 final!

This page has been created to retain the memory of the competition and as a tribute to Jack Dodd who made it all possible.

 Open Knockout Roll-of-Honour

 Year: Venue of Final

Winner / Runner-up

 2013: Egerton Arms

Winner: Nigel Walker
Runner-up: Sandy Churms

 2012: Ye Olde Cottage

Winner: Paul McLaughlin
Runner-up: John Roberts

 2011: Spital Vaults

Winner: Ray Lamb
Runner-up: Ted Randles

 2010: Royal Oak

Winner: Barry Tipton
Runner-up: Richard Evans

 2009: The Talbot

Winner: Dave Cooper
Runner-up: Nigel Walker

 2008: Egerton Arms

Winner: Dave Cooper
Runner-up: Wally Whitley

 2007: Stanley Arms

Winner: Nigel Walker
Runner-up: John Lea



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