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Open Knockout Competition 2008

The 2008 Knockout Final was held in the Egerton Arms on 23rd October 2008, and after the first round, the four highest scorers were John Lea (75), Wally Whitley (72), Dave Cooper (71) and Mike Turner (66).  In the semi-finals, Dave beat John 65 - 72 and Wally beat Mike 63 - 61.  The Grand Final was almost a repeat of last year's, with one
of the finalists in all sorts of trouble in both sticks and setting a relatively modest total to beat.  In the final, Wally scored 12 (10 + 2) and Dave scored 20 off his first 3 balls to become the 2008 Open Knockout Champion.  Congratulations to Dave who received the winners trophy and £300, and to Wally who received the Runners-up trophy and £150.

Thanks to Judy and the staff from the Egerton for their hospitality and the excellent buffet which was appreciated by all.  Judy also kindly agreed to present the trophies for us...

       Judy presents Dave with the Winners Trophy        Judy presents Wally with his trophy        Dave and Wally       Dave and Wally discuss the final

On a personal note, I would like to thank Dave Cooper,  Ray Lamb and  Mike Turner for their help in refereeing,  all of the pubs and clubs for hosting the competition, and each and every entrant for making the whole thing such a success.   We will be back in 2009 - watch this space!   John P.

Actual scores from tonight's play...
First round:
John Williams      17 + 36 = 53
Nigel Walker        18 + 43 = 61                Semi-Finals:
Ted Randles        25 + 26 = 51                John Lea         31 + 34 = 65    v    Dave Cooper  32 + 40 = 72
Mike Turner          35 + 31 = 66               Wally Whitley  20 + 43 = 63    v    Mike Turner     39 + 22 = 61
John Lea              32 + 43 = 75
Dave Cooper       40 + 31 = 71                Final:
Wally Whitley       29 + 43 = 72                Wally Whitley  10 + 2 = 12      v    Dave Cooper   20
Ray Lamb             31 + 15 = 46


   Date                 Qualifiers and Finalists

   Spital Vaults    14th May:   Winner: Dave Cooper (Talbot)     R-up: Barry Tipton (Talbot)
   Egerton Arms         21st May:    Winner: John Pritchard (Talbot)   R-up: Paul McLaughlin (Talbot)
   St. Werburgh's Club   28th May:   Winner: Nigel Walker (St. W)      R-up: John Lea (St. W)
   Stanley Arms   4th June:   Winner: Ray Lamb (St. W)           R-up: Pat Wallace (Stanley)
   Home Guard Club   10th June:  Winner: Dave Hughes (Home G)  R-up: Pat Evans (Home Guard)
   Blacon Sports & Social Club   18th June:  Winner: Elwyn Smith (Blacon)     R-up: Ted Randles (USC)
   Cross Foxes   25th June:  Winner: Billy Williams (USC)      R-up: Sam Mackin (Blacon)
   United Services Club   2nd July:    Winner: Martin Liversage (St. W) R-up: Gordon Vickers (Blacon)
   Talbot   9th July:     Winner: Mike Turner (Talbot)       R-up: Alan Biddle (Blacon)
   Saltney Social Club   16th July:   Winner: Wally Whitley (SSC)      R-up: John Williams (SSC)
   Union Vaults   23rd July:   Winner: Gordon Green (USC)     R-up: Frank Whitley (City Arms)
   City Arms   -
   Railway   6th Aug:     Winner: Tony Gilmartin (City A)  R-up: Brian Walker(St.Werburgh's)

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