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15 March 2020
Important announcement
Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, all competitions have been suspended until the situation improves. 

This includes cups, Len Cooper Plate, Veterans Competition, Singles and Doubles



Northgate Cup - Semi-Finals
Played on Thursday  6th February 2020
Spital Vaults v United Services Club at St. Werburgh's Club
Bridgewater v Egerton Arms at the Spital Vaults
5-a-Side Competition - Semi-Finals
Played on Thursday, 13th February 2020
St. Werburgh's Club v Olde Cottage at the United Services
Union Vaults see News
Spital Vaults v Bridgewater at Bawn Lodge
351 Competition - Semi-Finals
Played on Thursday, 20th February 2020
Bawn Lodge v Bridgewater at the Egerton Arms
St. Werburgh's Club v Olde Cottage at the Union Vaults
West Cheshire Shield - Semi-Finals
Played on Wednesday, 26th February 2020
St. Werburgh's Club v Union Vaults at the Olde Cottage
   Olde Cottage v Bawn Lodge at St. Werburgh's Club

Singles Competition - Last 16
Played on Thursday, 5th March 2020


At Bawn Lodge

G. Green (United Services Club) v N. Davies (Cottage)
T. Randles (United Services Club) v P. McLaughlin (Spital Vaults)
I. Ellis (Bridgewater) v T. Davies (Bridgewater)
   postponed        R. Lamb (St. Werburgh's Club) v P. Wallace (Egerton Arms)

At the Spital Vaults

S. Safina (Bawn Lodge) v N. Walker (St. Werburgh's Club)
D. Nuttall (Union Vaults) v D. Cooper (United Services Club)
S. Murphy (St. Werburgh's Club) v B. Walker (St. Werburgh's Club)
L. Evans (Bridgewater) v R. Evans (Bridgewater)

Doubles Competition - Last 16
Played on Thursday, 12th March 2020

At the United Services Club

T. Davies, J. Ford (Bridgewater) v J. McNicholas, A. Joinson (St. Werburgh's)
R. Lamb, C. Lamb (St. Werburgh's) v N. Davies, J. Pritchard (Cottage)
L. Evans, I. Ellis (Bridgewater) v D. Nuttall, M. Coppock (Union Vaults)
J. Lea, B. Tipton (Bridgewater) v N. Walker, B. Walker (St. Werburgh's)
At the Egerton Arms
S. Murphy, J. Bakewell (St. Werburgh's)  v T. Randles, D. Cooper (United Services)
postponed   R. Clarke, A. Breakey (Spital Vaults) v S. Fowles, P. Halliwell (Union Vaults)
M. Dodd, T. Murphy (Union Vaults) v C. Barlow, T. Summerhill (Cottage) 
R. Evans, P. Ashford (Bridgewater) v J. Gahan, S. Churms (Spital Vaults)


 Last updated: Sunday, 15 March 2020