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Constitution and League Competition Rules

1) The League shall be called the Chester & District Bagatelle League. Entrance fee for the League, Cups, Singles, Doubles and 5-A-Side competitions to be reviewed yearly at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). No player shall play for more than one club in any cup competition. All players to be registered at the fee agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

2) The management of the league shall be vested in a Committee, Chairman and Vice Chairman, who shall be elected at the AGM. The committee have the power to add to their number if the need arises, subject to confirmation at the AGM.

3) Teams to consist of 8 players, no player to play twice.     NOTE: From the 2007/08 season onwards until further notice, an amendment to the rules now allows teams who only have 6 players available to play the LOWEST TWO SCORERS again, in the order that they appear on the match sheet.  If a team has 7 players then the lowest scorer is allowed to play again.  In the event of a tie for lowest scorer, the opposing captain will spin a coin to see which player plays again.    

This rule amendment applies to all League, Northgate Cup and West Cheshire Shield matches.  For 5-a-Side games, if a team only has 4 players, the lowest scorer is allowed to play again.   

4) All clubs to send to the League Secretary the names of all registered players on the official registration form 7 days prior to the start of the season. All players joining during the season must be registered 3 days before playing.

5) Matches to start at 8.30pm. Any time allowed must be by agreement and consent of both teams on the night. If any club fails to fulfil this rule and is reported to the Secretary they will be fined or have points deducted, following consultation with the committee and teams in question.

6) The committee reserves to itself, the right to suspend any club or player.

7) The referee shall have full control of the game.

8) Home team to lead off in all league matches.

9) With the exception of Singles and Doubles competitions, no fixtures, league, cup or 5-A-Side shall be re-arranged without sanction from the league committee.
Note: Rules 9a and 9b have been added after a 2019 AGM proposal was approved.
9a) If a team wishes to postpone a match, the request must be made at least 24 hours before the game.
9b) All postponed games must be played before the end of the season.

10) No complaint, protest or enquiries of any sort will be entertained after 7 days.

11) A board shall be hung up in the room and the scores of each player shall be registered immediately after play.

12) Winning clubs failing to send in score sheets to the Secretary by the Saturday following the match shall be fined 1.00, this will be added to their invoice and shown as "fines". Winning clubs failing to send in score sheets of cup competitions shall be excluded from the competition, this rule will be strictly enforced. The winning team in league matches shall receive 2 points for a home win, 3 points for an away win, and, in the event of a draw, the home team will receive 1 point and the away team 2 points.

Note: Failure to send in score sheets affects the calculation of averages.

13) No player to be transferred except through the committee, and the transfer must be registered 3 days before the player is eligible to play for his new club. No transfer is allowed after 31st December in each season. Fee for transfers to be the same as league registration fee.

14) A player who plays for more than one team in one season without being transferred is liable to suspension, the club for whom he wrongly played shall forfeit the points gained by that player, such points to be awarded to the other club. In the event of an away team forfeiting points under this rule the away side shall forfeit 3 points but the home side shall only be awarded 2 points. In the event of a player taking part in a cup competition without being properly transferred, or if he is found to have played for another team in the same competition they shall forfeit the match to their opponents.

15) Players under the age of 18 shall only play at the discretion of the home Landlord or Steward.

16) The visiting team must be allowed free use of the table for a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes before the start of any league match. No practice sticks can be allowed to either side after the start of the game. The referee only shall call the scores and place spot balls.

17+18) The baulk line must be in front of the leather baulk and be 18" long as defined by the two end and centre spots.   A ball may be placed anywhere along the baulk line.    Discretion by the referee should be given in deference to 'home custom' as to the placing of a ball in front of, or behind the baulk line.

19)  Once a ball is struck from the area of the baulk line, it is in play.   A 'feathered' ball doing so may be played again at the (opposing) referee's discretion or opposing captain's discretion if the referee is on the same side as the player.    All balls are in play until they jump off the table or hit the wood above the cushion.   All balls crossing or touching the leather baulk are to be "off".   Where the whole of the ball is behind the baulk line, it is "off".    Should the black ball jump off, touch, or go over the leather baulk area, or fall wholly behind the baulk line, the player forfeits the remaining balls, the score at that point to count.

The black ball must be struck before any other ball and shall remain the object ball until cupped. Cue balls failing to hit the black to be taken off. After the black ball has been cupped, players must then strike a ball before cue ball can score. A cue ball striking a dead ball before striking a free ball shall be taken off. When all balls on the table are cupped, a ball shall be spotted before play resumes. If after 7 balls have been played and there are no free balls left in free play the remaining ball can be played to score providing that it strikes a cushion before entering a cup. Players must wait until all the balls are stationary before delivering another ball. A player shall forfeit the remaining balls left in that stick if this rule is disregarded. Score to that point to count.

20) A ball other than the black being knocked out of a cup, remains where it stands. If the black ball is knocked out of a cup it is to be replaced. Balls which have been played must not be touched. No balls can be tried by a player placing another ball over the table. Players "trying" a ball over the table shall be penalised by having that ball taken off. (NOTE: The definition of this rule is that a player can walk up the table with a ball in his hand, but that he shall not be penalised unless he attempts to put the ball over the table.)

21) Any ball falling into the cup before the next ball is played to count. Any ball falling after the ball has been played to be put on the spot, and the playing ball returned to the player.

22) If more than one ball is to be spotted, the first (or object ball) to be placed on the spot. If the spot is covered by either a previously spotted ball, or even a ball in play, this must be removed to allow the object ball to be placed on the spot. Any ball removed in such a manner to be placed on the table in the alternative positions. The second ball to be placed between the one and nine cups, and the third to be placed between the nine and five cups.

23) Split balls to count.

24) If a player lays down his cue without playing all his balls he shall be asked to carry on by the referee. If he declines to do so, the remaining balls shall be forfeited for that stick, the score at that point to count. The player is responsible for playing all eight balls. The referee shall call the score before removing any balls from the cups.

25) All matches must be registered on the official score sheets. Captains of teams must put down the names of all four players which they intend to play, both for the first and second half. Names cannot be altered on any sheet without the agreement of the opposing captain. (NOTE: The definition of this rule is that a captain cannot leave a blank space on the score sheet and fill in a players name after the game has commenced, without obtaining the opposing captain's permission, this applies to both halves.)

26) In the event of a team dropping out of the league, all points and scores already accrued shall be deducted.

27) Relegation and promotion shall be two up and two down.

28) The league championship shall be decided on points. In the event of a tie, a play-off will be arranged on a neutral table.

29) Where a club has both "A" and "B" teams in the same section, their league fixtures shall be the first two matches of the season.

30) Any club wishing to call an extra-ordinary General Meeting must get a quorum of 30% and inform the committee who will arrange this within 14 days.

31) Matters arising which are not covered by these rules will be decided by the committee. The League Secretary shall notify all clubs during the ensuing week of any amendment or addition to the rules. Any club objecting to such amendments or addition shall call for an extra-ordinary General Meeting described elsewhere in these rules.

32) Entry to Cup competitions is on a voluntary basis (see application form) with no decrease in entrance fees for non-players. Fine for non attendance at matches volunteered for shall be 1.

33) The committee shall be empowered to decide on the number of divisions in the league when all applications are to hand.

34) Any club which is in arrears to the league, or any club which in the opinion of the committee have not fulfilled their obligations according to the rules may be excluded from the league at the committee's discretion.

35) The Secretary shall notify all clubs six weeks before the Annual General Meeting of the date, time and place at which such a meeting will be held. All clubs or members wishing alterations or additions to the rules and regulations, must give notice of the proposed alterations or additions IN WRITING to the Secretary of the League at least 21 days previous to the holding of the AGM. The Secretary must then notify each club of such proposed alterations or additions at least 7 days before the AGM.


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