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Bawn Lodge Bagatelle Table
The story, in pictures, of how a bagatelle table was restored.
December 2009 - February 2010

Below is the table in its unloved and uncared for state, forgotten for many years in an old outbuilding.

The table is taken apart, and the damage assessed...

New legs are turned to replace the damaged ones.

New cups replace the old ones...

Ready for re-assembly!

The finished table in its new home, Bawn Lodge, Hoole Road, Chester.

Rob Bawn watches Richard Jones take a shot.

Rob is looking for players to form a new bagatelle team.  If you are interested, please pop in and have a few sticks!


The restoration work to the Bawn Lodge (and Royal Oak) bagatelle tables was carried out by

For further information, contact Brian Slowen at  Cheshire Billiards

  Last updated: Sunday, 14 October 2012

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