Chester & District Bagatelle League     AGM Minutes 2021
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Minutes of the Chester and District Bagatelle League AGM held on Weds 29th 2021 at the St Werburgh Club, Brook Street, Chester.


Appologies:- Dave Cooper.


Present:- Nick Allen, Daniel Nuttall, Richard Evans, Ted Randles, Tommy Southall, Luike Evans, Nigel Walker, Joe Fellows, Neil Davies Shaun Murphy, John Pritchard, Jim McClurg, Tina McClugh, Martin Beddows, Paul McLaughlin, Nathan Dean, Sandy Churms, Barry Skipton, John Kenyon, Dave Williams Jake McNicolas…….      If I have inadvertently missed anyone out, then I give my apologies.


Shaun Murphy opened the meeting at 8pm and welcomed everyone to the AGM , the order of business was to be :- Election of Officials and new Committee Members.

                   Statement of Accounts.

                   Re Starting the League.

                   Teams Entering the League.


                   Other Business.


Election of Officials


John Pritchard has decided to resign as Chairman and Secretary and Sandy Churms has also decided to resign as Vice Chair. As a result we have to re-elect officers for these positions and we have three new Players that wish to come onto the committee. These are Jake McNicolas, Martin Bedows and Dan Nutall. These have been proposed by Shaun Murphy and seconded by Dave Williams. John Pritchard and Sandy Churms wish to remain on the Committee and they have been Proposed by Neil Davies and Seconded by Nick Allen.


All the other committee members re stood to be on the committee, Shaun Murphy, Proposed by Nick Allen and Seconded by Martin Beddows, Dave Williams, Proposed by Shaun Murphy Seconded by Jim McClurg, Phi Chesters,  Proposed by Dave Williams and Seconded by Shaun Murphy, Phil Chesters proposal to be re elected back into the committee and to re stand as Treasurer was confirmed by Dave Williams in Phil’s Absence on Holiday…..Pat Wallace, Proposed by Dave Williams and Seconded by Neil Davies, Neil Davies, Proposed by Shaun Murphy and Seconded by Jake McNicolas, Nick Allen, Proposed by Dave Williams and seconded by Sandy Churms.


An Election of Officials was then made and the following were all elected unanimously to the following positions:- 


John Pritchard        - Life President.

Dave Williams       - Chairman

Neil Davies            - Vice Chairman

Phil Chesters          - Treasurer

Shaun Murphy       - Secretary

Jake McNicolas      - Assistant Secretary


The other elected committee members (currently without portfolio) are :-


Sandy Churms, Pat Wallace, Dan Nuttall, Nick Allen and Martin Beddows.


Welcome to the committee to our three new committee members. Martin Beddows, Dan Nuttall and Jake McNicolas. We all wish to thank you all for stepping forward to help on the committee. Please do remember that we are always looking for new committee members, especially those with internet and social media skills. Speak to a committee member if you would like to help.


Statement of Accounts


Phil Chesters was not available to present the accounts as he is on holiday. The current account is at the moment suspended as I understand due to “lack of activity” in the account during Covid. It was decided by the committee earlier this year that for this new season 2021-2022 that teams entering will have no league fees to pay. But for the singles, doubles and cup competitions, then normal fees to enter these will apply.  


Re Starting the League


The re starting of the League was discussed and all were in favour of this happening but with caveats. See the next order of business.


Teams Entering the League


While we are keen to re start the League, currently we have no proper indication of the Teams that will be entering the league. Not all teams had representatives attend to tell us their plans. So after an open discussion in the meeting it was decided to send out a formal questionnaire to all the Bagatelle Pubs in the League as of 2019 that we request be responded to by the next committee meeting, which had been arranged for Weds 13th October.


These sheets will be going out and all the Bagatelle Teams / Pubs/ Clubs, will have one of these by Tuesday 5th October. Any non response to our questionnaire by the Bagatelle Teams / Pubs/ Clubs will be taken as them having no interest in playing in next years league.


Once we know exactly how many teams we have by the 13th October, then at the committee meeting on Weds 13th October we will confirm a start date. We have a start date “pencilled in” for the Weds 27th of October , which then also gives participating teams another two weeks to recruit players after the Committee .




The proposal from the Committee that All games, League and Competitions, be played on Wednesdays only, was passed unanimously.


The pulling of lots, or using a random number generator (For teams with players of less than 8) rather than the lowest players playing proposal from Dave Williams was passed unanimously.


However his proposal of away teams having (with the permission of the Home Captain) the option of playing 4 and then the same 4 was rejected. Instead after an open discussion it was unanimously decided that teams must have at least 5 Players, home and away, and that 3 players can replay chosen by lot to make up the 8 games. This is a concession to teams that struggle to get the full 8, especially when playing away. The committee will review this 5-3 arrangement towards the end of the year.


Other Business


Our current “rules” are a bit out of date a bit and they also need tidying up and “modernising”. Shaun Murphy and Jake McNicolas will be taking a look at these and when re written the “new rules” will be presented to all teams. If they are agreed they will be put to next years AGM and will be voted on at that time by all. The Basic Playing rules will not be changing.


Shaun Murphy, the Committee and the Members present thanked John Pritchard for his long time of service to the Bagatelle League and he received a long and warm deserved appreciative applause by all present.


We also thank the St Werburgh’s Club and John Kenyon for the use of their main hall and other facilities.


These Minutes are by Shaun Murphy.


End of Minutes 2021.  


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