Chester & District Bagatelle League     AGM Minutes 2018
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Minutes of AGM held on 19th September 2018 at The Talbot


Present:  Sandy Churms, John Clarke, Dave Cooper, Neil Davies, Iain Ellis, Shirley Ellis, Luke Evans, Jim Gahan, Mike Hillier, John Lea, Bill Lloyd, Paul McLaughlin, Shaun Murphy, Mike Peacock, Ray Potbury, John Pritchard (minutes), Nigel Walker, Pat Wallace, Dave Watton, Brian Welch, Dave Williams, Roy Westbury (22 present). 

Apologies: Ted Randles, Barry Tipton.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 8.10pm and welcomed everyone to the combined AGM / Presentation Night.   The order for the evening was to be AGM, food and Presentation, and the AGM would be 1) Election of Officials, 2) Treasurers Report, 3) Any Other Business.


1. Election of Officials

The first item on the agenda was the Election of Officials and the following people were nominated, proposed, seconded and elected:-


Last year's Committee

Nominated / Elected for 2018/2019

Proposed by

Seconded by


John Pritchard

John Pritchard

Brian Welch

John Lea


John Pritchard

John Pritchard

John Lea

Mike Hillier


Mike Hillier  (resigned)

Dave Cooper

John Lea

Barry Tipton

Vice Chairman

Sandy Churms

Sandy Churms

Ray Potbury

Jim Gahan

Committee Neil Davies Neil Davies John Clarke Sandy Churms
Committee Shaun Murphy Shaun Murphy Dave Watton John Clarke


Ted Randles Ted Randles John Pritchard Pat Wallace


Pat Wallace Pat Wallace Ray Potbury Neil Davies


  Mike Hillier John Pritchard Pat Wallace


Ted Randles could not be present at the meeting, but had previously informed the chairman he would like to remain on the committee.   He was duly nominated, proposed and re-elected.  The chairman asked if anyone else would like to serve on the committee but there were no other volunteers.

Mike Hillier had previously announced he was giving up the Treasurers role and two people (Dave Cooper and Shaun Murphy) were nominated, proposed and seconded.     After a show of hands for both Dave and Shaun,  Dave Cooper won by 11 votes to 3 and was duly elected as Treasurer.


2. Statement of Accounts

Treasurer Mike Hillier presented the Statement of Accounts for 2017-18 and copies were made available for those present.   It was noted there was no prize money again this year and John Clarke asked if there could be some discussion by the committee to try and find a way to generate some prize money.  Over the year the league made a net profit of 1.53, so while there doesn't appear to be any scope to provide prize money without going into debt, new Treasurer Dave Cooper stated there are "ways and means" of generating money.   Nigel Walker proposed that the statement be accepted as a true record of income and expenditure, this was seconded by Jim Gahan and carried unanimously.


3. Any Other Business

Before the 'Len Cooper Plate' proposal was considered, the chairman informed the meeting that the league will start on Wednesday, 17th October 2018 and break for Christmas after games played on Wednesday, 12th December 2018.   League games will resume on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019, and all games should be completed before Chester Races which start on Wednesday 8th May 2019.


Nine teams will definitely be entering the Winter League, with the Egerton Arms, Bawn Lodge B (old Royal Oak team) and the Big Hand Alehouse as possibles.       The nine definite teams are Bawn Lodge, Bridgewater (old Cross Foxes team), Olde Cottage, St. Theresa's, St. Werburgh's, Spital Vaults, Talbot, Union Vaults and United Services.     


One proposal was received this year, and a notice and voting form has been in all pubs and clubs for some time.  The chairman read out the proposal received from John Pritchard on 23rd August, regarding the introduction of a 'Len Cooper Plate'.    Some discussion took place regarding the format of the competition, and rather than the 4-a-side all-on-one-night-competition that was proposed, the meeting felt that a full 8-a-side format (incorporating 6+2) should be adopted and the competition should have semi-finals and a final.  (Chairman's note: format and rules can be discussed at first committee meeting).


Five votes were cast before the AGM, 5-0 in favour (Cottage, St. Theresa's, Spital Vaults, Talbot and Union Vaults voting FOR).     After the discussion at the AGM, St. Werburgh's and the Bridgewater voted FOR the proposal.   No vote was received from Bawn Lodge, Big Hand Alehouse, Egerton Arms or the United Services Club.   The final vote was  therefore 7-0 in favour with four abstains/no votes.  


The perennial question "Do we really need trophies?" was asked, and while some thought not, others wanted them retaining.   While trophies are the 'norm', if requested, we can adapt.   eg. this year the West Cheshire Shield winners Union Vaults requested one winners trophy (instead of the usual 8) and a bottle of whisky and that's what was provided for them.


There was no other business raised so the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.50pm when a curry was served.   Thanks go to Pat Wallace at the Talbot for providing the curry and for hosting the AGM / Presentation.

Minutes taken by John Pritchard.


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