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Anomalies have been spotted in Monday's draws.
Please ignore
fixtures highlighted below until they have been checked and confirmed.

5 a-side Quarter Finals
To be played on Wednesday, 24th April 2024

Bawn Lodge v St. Werburgh’s B at the Bridgewater
Greyhound v Upton B at the Union Vaults
Union Vaults v Cross Foxes at Upton BL
Upton A v St. Theresa’s B t the Cross Foxes


351 Quarter Finals
To be played on Wednesday, 1st May 2024

Cross Foxes v St. Theresa’s B at the Greyhound
Upton B (2nd) v Upton A at St. Theresa’s
Union Vaults v Egerton at Bawn Lodge
St. Theresa’s A ------ Bye

351 Competition: First Round
Played on Wednesday 10th April 2024

St. Werburgh’s B v Bridgewater at Upton Legion
Egerton v Spital Vaults at the Greyhound conceded by Spital
St. Theresa’s B v Upton A at the Cross Foxes
Upton B v Upton B 2nd at Bawn Lodge
Bawn Lodge v Cross Foxes at St. Werburgh’s
Union Vaults v Greyhound at St. Theresa’s

St. Theresa’s A and St. Werburgh’s A have byes into round two
5 a Side: Preliminary Round
Played on Wednesday, 3rd April 2024

Cross Foxes v Spital Vaults at the Egerton conceded by Spital
Egerton v Upton B at the Bridgewater
St. Theresa’s A v Union Vaults at Upton Legion
Bridgewater v Upton A at the Greyhound

Northgate Cup - Semi Finals
Played on Wednesday, 27th March 2024

St. Werburgh's v Greyhound at the Egerton
Upton B v Cross Foxes at St. Werburgh's

Northgate Cup - Quarter Finals
Played on Wednesday, 20th March 2024

Greyhound v Upton A at Bawn Lodge
St. Werburgh's v St. Theresa's at the Greyhound
Cross Foxes v Bawn Lodge at the Union Vaults
Upton B v Egerton at St. Theresa's

Northgate Cup - Preliminary Round
Played on Wednesday, 28th February 2024

Egerton v Bridgewater at St. Werburgh's Club
St. Werburgh's Club v Union Vaults at the Cross Foxes
West Cheshire Shield - Semi-Finals
Played on Wednesday, 24th January 2024

Upton A v Bridgewater at the Egerton
Upton B v St. Werburgh's Club at Bawn Lodge

West Cheshire Shield - Quarter-Finals
Played on Wednesday, 20th December 2023

Bridgewater v Greyhound at the Cross Foxes
Upton A v Egerton at the Greyhound
Upton B v Cross Foxes at St. Theresa's
St. Theresa's v St. Werburgh's at Upton Legion

West Cheshire Shield Preliminary Round
Played on Wednesday, 15th November 2023

Bawn Lodge v Bridgewater at the Union Vaults

Egerton v Union Vaults at the Bridgewater

 Last updated: Tuesday, 16 April 2024