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Cups / 5-A-Side / Doubles / Singles

Will all players please note that no practice is allowed
after 3.00pm on the day of each Final.

This does not apply to the Veterans Competition, when practice IS allowed on the night.
Doubles Competition - Final Rounds
Played on Thursday, 26th April 2018 at the Union Vaults

Draw on the night at 7.45pm, play starts at 8.00pm PROMPT

Winners: L. Evans and P. McLaughlin (Spital Vaults)   Runners up: V. Howard and J. Gahan (Spital Vaults)

G. Green, R. Potbury and T. Randles, D. Cooper (both United Services Club),
T. Davies, J. Ford and B. Tipton, J. Lea (both Cross Foxes),
V. Howard, J. Gahan and L. Evans, P. McLaughlin (both Spital Vaults)
N. Davies, J. Pritchard (Olde Cottage), C. Boggan, D. Williams (Spital Vaults)
351 Competition - Final
Played on Thursday, 22nd March 2018 at the Talbot

Spital Vaults v Cross / Spital Foxes
5-a-side Competition - Final
Played on Thursday, 29th March 2018 at the Union Vaults

Cross / Spital Foxes v Talbot
Northgate Cup - Final
Played on Thursday, 5th April 2018 at the Spital Vaults

Talbot v United Services Club
West Cheshire Shield - Final
Played on Wednesday, 11th April 2018 at St. Werburgh's Club

Spital Vaults v Union Vaults
Veterans Competition - Open to anyone aged 65+.
Played on Thursday, 12th April 2018 at Bawn Lodge

Winner: Sandy Churms    Runner-up: Pete Ashford

Format for the competition and draw will be made on the night, depending on number of entrants.

Please Note: Practice IS allowed on the night for the Veterans Competition.
Singles Competition - Final Rounds
Played on Thursday, 19th April 2018 at Bawn Lodge

Draw on the night at 8.15pm, play starts at 8.30pm

Winner: Paul McLaughlin    Runner-up: Richard Evans

D. Biddle (United Services), R. Evans (Cross Foxes), C. Lamb (St. Werburgh's Club), P. McLaughlin (Spital Vaults),
D. Nuttall (Union Vaults), T. Randles (United Services Club), B. Walker (St. Werburgh's Club), P. Wallace (Talbot)
Previous Rounds / Results
5-A-Side Competition - Semi-Finals
Played on Thursday 4th January 2018



Spital Vaults                   at St. Werburgh's Club

St. Werburgh's Club


Cross Foxes                   at Bawn Lodge

351 Competition - Semi-Finals
Played on Thursday 11th January 2018

Spital Vaults


Olde Cottage                  at the Union Vaults

Cross Foxes


United Services Club   at St. Werburgh's Club

West Cheshire Shield - Semi-Finals
Played on Wednesday 17th January 2018

Spital Vaults

v Talbot                                at the Olde Cottage

Olde Cottage

v Union Vaults                   at the Cross Foxes
Singles Competition - last 16
Played on Thursday 25th January 2018 at Bawn Lodge

D. Biddle (United Services)

v J. Pritchard (Olde Cottage)

B. Walker (St. Werburgh's)

v D. Cooper (United Services)

D. Nuttall (Union Vaults)

v L. Evans (Spital Vaults)        (played 2nd Feb)

S. Churms (Spital Vaults)

v C. Lamb (St. Werburgh's)    (S. Churms has conceded)   

Dale Williams (Spital Vaults)

v R. Evans (Cross Foxes)

Dave Williams (Union Vaults)

v P. McLaughlin (Spital Vaults)

P. Wallace (Talbot)

v N. Walker (St. Werburgh's)

G. Green (United Services)

v T. Randles (United Services)
Doubles Competition - last 16
Played on Thursday 1st February 2018
At the Union Vaults

J. McClurg, T. McClurg (Olde Cottage)

v G. Green, R. Potbury (United Services)

L. Evans, P. McLaughlin (Spital Vaults)

v R. Lamb, C. Lamb (St. Werburgh's)         played 8th Feb

T. Davies, J. Ford (Cross Foxes)

v R. Evans, P. Ashford (Cross Foxes)

T. Fennell, D. Harrison (Spital Vaults)

v T. Randles, D. Cooper (United Services)

At St. Werburgh's Club

S. Churms     V. Howard, J. Gahan (Spital)

v F. Whitley, I. Ellis (Cross Foxes)

N. Davies, J. Pritchard (Olde Cottage)

v J. McNicholas, A. Joinson (Talbot)

P. Wallace, S. Done (Talbot)

v B. Tipton, J. Lea (Cross Foxes)               played 8th Feb

D. Biddle, B. Welch (United Services)

v C. Boggan, D. Williams (Spital Vaults)  Re-arranged

 Last updated: Friday, 27 April 2018