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Cups / 5-A-Side / 351 / Doubles / Singles


Northgate Cup - Semi-Finals
Played on Thursday 8th November 2018



Talbot                               at the Spital Vaults

FT 458-502           United Services Club


Spital Vaults                    at the Talbot

5-A-Side - Preliminary Round
Played on Thursday 15th November 2018

FT 340-297                          Union Vaults


Cottage                            at St. Werburgh's Club

FT 266-155           United Services Club


Bridgewater                    at the Union Vaults



Spital Vaults                   at the United Services Club

Bye awarded to St. Werburgh's Club
351 Competition - Preliminary Round
Played on Thursday 22nd November 2018
United Services Club v Talbot                               at the Spital Vaults
Bridgewater v St. Werburgh's Club     at the Talbot

Byes awarded to Cottage and Spital Vaults

West Cheshire Shield - Preliminary Round
Played on Wednesday 28th November 2018
POSTPONED           St. Werburgh's Club v Spital Vaults                   at the Olde Cottage
 FT 409-447                            Union Vaults v Bridgewater                   at the United Services Club

Byes awarded to Talbot and Cottage

Singles Competition - First Round
Played on Thursday 6th December 2018
Top 8 (eight) at each venue to go through.   Players to play in order shown.

St. Werburgh's


United Services

Union Vaults

 Dave Williams (Union Vaults)

 P. McLaughlin (Spital)

 J. Lea (Bridgewater)

 Dale Williams (Spital Vaults)

 T. Randles (United Services)

 D. Biddle (United Services)

 B. Walker (St. Werburgh's)

 A. Biddle (United Services)

 T. Fennell (Spital Vaults)

 V. Howard (Spital)

 C. Lamb (St. Werburgh's)

 S. Churms (Bawn Lodge) *

 D. Cooper (United Services)

 S. Hague (Cottage)

 M. Coppock (Union Vaults)

 T. Davies (Bridgewater)

 C. Barlow (Talbot)

 D. Harrison (Spital Vaults)

 P. Wallace (Talbot)

 J. Pritchard (Olde Cottage)

 B. Lloyd (Spital Vaults)

 J. McNicholas (Talbot)

 C. Boggan (Spital Vaults)

 R. Lamb (St. Werburgh's)

 J. Fellows (Egerton)

 D. Nuttall (Union Vaults)  **

 A. Hughes (Cottage)

 N. Davies (Olde Cottage)

 L. Evans (Bridgewater)

 R. Potbury (United Services)

 S. Done (Union Vaults)

 A. Williamson (Utd Services)

 J. Price (Cottage)

 G. Green (United Services)

 R. Evans (Bridgewater)

 N. Walker (St. Werburgh's)

*   Sandy Churms is now a Bawn Lodge player
**  Dan Nuttall (Union Vaults) is replacing Steve Randall in the Singles
Doubles Competition - Preliminary Round
To be played on Thursday 13th December 2018
at the United Services Club
N. Walker, B. Walker (St. Werburgh's) v

Dave Williams, M. Coppock (Union Vaults)

J. Price, A. Hughes (Cottage) v S. Done, T. Craggs (Union Vaults)

     BYE     J. Lea, B. Tipton (Bridgewater)


S. Churms, Dale Williams (Spital Vaults)  ***

T. Davies, J. Ford (Bridgewater)


P. Chesters, D. Nuttall (Union Vaults)

***  Sandy has dropped out, and Dale has conceded
at the Union Vaults
V. Howard, J. Gahan (Spital Vaults) v

J. McClurg, T. McClurg (Cottage)

L. Evans, I. Ellis (Bridgewater) v P. Wallace, M. Turner (Talbot)

D. Harrison, T. Fennell (Spital Vaults)


N. Davies, J. Pritchard (Cottage)  ****

****  Postponed / New date TBA, Dan is unavailable.

All other entrants get a bye to the next round.


 Last updated: Friday, 07 December 2018