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Cups / 5-A-Side / 351 / Doubles / Singles


5-A-Side Competition - Semi-Finals
Played on Thursday  10th January 2019

FT 367-362                          Union Vaults


St. Werburgh's Club      at Spital Vaults

FT 351-349           United Services Club


Spital Vaults                     at St. Werburgh's

West Cheshire Shield - Semi-Finals
Played on Wednesday  16th January 2019
FT 457-494                                    Cottage v Talbot                              at the Bridgewater
FT 468-463                           Bridgewater v St. Werburgh's Club    at the Cottage


351 Competition - Semi-Finals
To be played on Thursday  24th January 2019
Spital Vaults v United Services Club    at the Talbot
Cottage v Bridgewater                    at the Union Vaults
Singles Competition - Second Round
To be played on Thursday 31st January 2019

At St. Werburgh's Club

N. Davies (Cottage) v V. Howard (Spital Vaults)
T. Davies (Bridgewater) v T. Randles (United Services Club)
S. Churms (Bawn Lodge) v J. Lea (Bridgewater)
R. Evans (Bridgewater) v L. Evans (Bridgewater)
J. Fellows (Egerton) v D. Harrison (Spital Vaults)
D. Nuttall (Union Vaults) v S. Done (Union Vaults)
S. Hague (Cottage) v C. Barlow (Talbot)
Dale Williams (Spital Vaults) v C. Boggan (Spital Vaults)
At the Bridgewater
J. Price (Cottage) v J. Pritchard (Cottage)
D. Biddle (United Services Club) v P. Wallace (Talbot)
J. McNicholas (Talbot) v G. Green (United Services Club)
N. Walker (St. Werburgh's Club) v P. McLaughlin (Spital Vaults)
M. Coppock (Union Vaults) v D. Cooper (United Services Club)
Dave Williams (Union Vaults) v T. Fennell (Spital Vaults)
A. Williamson (United Services Club) v R. Lamb (St. Werburgh's Club)
B. Walker (St. Werburgh's Club) v C. Lamb (St. Werburgh's Club)
Doubles Competition - Second Round
To be played on Thursday  7th February 2019

At the Talbot

C. Boggan, P. McLaughlin (Spital) v D. Biddle, B. Welch (United Services)
N. Walker, B. Walker (St. Werburgh's) v S. Fowles, D. Nuttall (Union Vaults)
N. Davies, J. Pritchard (Cottage) v R. Potbury, G. Green (United Services)
L. Evans, I. Ellis (Bridgewater) v J. Price, A. Hughes (Cottage)

At the Spital Vaults

R. Evans, P. Ashford (Bridgewater) v T. Randles, D. Cooper (United Services)
M. Dodd, T. Murphy (Union Vaults) v J. Kenyon, D. Jones (St. Werburgh's)
J. McClurg, T. McClurg (Cottage) v J. McNicholas, A. Joinson (Talbot)
J. Lea, B. Tipton (Bridgewater) v R. Lamb, C. Lamb (St. Werburgh's)
Phil Chesters replaced by Steve Nipper Fowles
Vince Howard replaced by Steph Bailey >>> Stuart Harrison
Postponed Fixtures / Played 19th Dec
at the Union Vaults
V. Howard, S. Harrison, J. Gahan (Spital Vaults) v

J. McClurg, T. McClurg (Cottage)

L. Evans, I. Ellis (Bridgewater) v P. Wallace, C. Barlow  M. Turner (Talbot)

D. Harrison, T. Fennell (Spital Vaults)


N. Davies, J. Pritchard (Cottage)


 Last updated: Thursday, 17 January 2019